The Great Gatsby

Gatsby is awesome! It tastes like spicy crispy goodness. I first came upon it in South Africa and as my Dad opened the wrapper there was just this steam and great smell all around me. A gatsby is a big sandwich with soft warm chips (fries) and we usually have chicken. You can also have other fillings like meat or viennas. It’s delicious!

Take your favorite food and times it by ten million. That’s a gatsby! Gatsby was first made in Cape Town where I lived. I almost started forgetting about it then my Dad made some this summer for all the family. It was awesome awesome awesome! You guys and girls should really try it if you can.


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    This sounds so yummy! I have never heard of it before, but I will watch for a chance to try it. Your description really grabs your readers. “Spicy, crispy goodness” was my favorite line. Your dad is some great chef, isn’t he?

  2. mvcsstudent89

    It was really good maybe my dad can send you the recipe!!!!! Thank you for commenting


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