Constructing Your Faith

The first day of Bible camp was awesome!
I met some familiar faces and some new ones.
Sam was there and Josiah.

Every day we started the day with songs and part of a movie then we had to do our Bible story of the day. We had good snacks after!
Then we would do crafts. My favorite craft was making slime. Jorja was one of the helpers for the crafts. Then we went to music where we learned the dance moves for our songs.


We also did activities outside. My favorite was the water day activities!  We finished the day with songs and on the last day we got bottles, slime and candy. Bible camp was awesome.

3 thoughts on “Constructing Your Faith

  1. I just loved this post, E-Rex! You describe things in such an interesting way. I had been very curious about what they had planned for that Bible camp, and now I know.

    Thank you so much for your exciting writing!

    1. I learned that Jesus does not care if you are a robber a tax collector or a murderer he still loves you no matter what but he is sad when you sin though and I learned that the Bible has a lot of construction in it.Thank you for commenting Mrs.Fogg.

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